[Mm-friends] Windows 8: What It Is Really Like

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Sun Nov 18 00:11:43 GMT 2012

I've never been too much of a fan of Narrator and still am not 
but I have to admit it has taken a giant step on the pad to 

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>Hello Kelsey.
>Well, I have read that an update to Supernova will be coming 
>Yes let's not forget Narrator is now a screen reader in Windows 

>Christopher Hallsworth

>On 17/11/2012 23:31, kelsey trevett wrote:

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>> A friend of mine has Supernova with Windows 8.  I went to check 
it out
>> and although Windows 8 is not so accessible with Supernova, it 
>> works.  However, I would suggest using NVDA, JAWS or Windows 
Eyes (or
>> Narrator) for a perminent screenreader with Windows 8.  Despite 
the fact
>> that Supernova actually works with Windows 8, it is very slow 
>> unreliable and seems to have got into the habbit of shutting 
itself down
>> (Supernova I mean) so perhaps Dulphin need to have a look and 
see what
>> is going on.
>> The store in Windows 8 is rather accessible however it can mess 
>> around a little.  Do note that the apps marked `accessibility: 
no` are
>> not always unaccessible and then again the apps marked 
>> yes` aren't always accessible.  So don't take the accessibility 
>> consideration too much.
>> The start screen works great with the screenreaders mentioned 
>> in this thread and NVDA 2012,3 has incorperated the new feature 
>> The new Charms are like search boxes and options that can be 
used from
>> within Windows.  They pop out from the side of the currently 
>> Window.  This may seem like a bad idea for screenreaders as it 
may not
>> read the charm but there is no need to worry.  It still works 
>> Narrator has made a large jump from a rather bad piece of 
software to a
>> highly accessible software package.  Instead of the old, 
>> unclear voices Microsoft provided previously, two new (I think) 
>> have been included instead: Hazel and Sarah.  Having one British 
>> and the other American English these voices allow users to have 
a choice
>> of accents and people.  Of course the older voices are still 
>> from the internet if you prefer them.
>> Internet Explorer 10 has two different aspects in Windows 8.  
There is a
>> desktop version which is a full version of IE10 whilst the 
version on
>> the start screen is just an app of Internet Explorer 10.  The 
>> doesn't include favourites, for those of you with low vision, 
>> address bar is on the bottom and some other small adjustments.
>> Outlook is no longer required.  A brand new mail program called 
>> is now in Windows 8.  This is highly accessible with a list of 
>> and folders to choose from.  There is also new apps for people 
>> messaging.
>> Windows 8 now has locator tracking along with lots of apps you 
can use
>> with this.  These include weather which appears on your start 
>> telling you the basic forecast without having to even enter the 
>> maps, travel and lots more from the store.
>> With all the features above and a screenreader (or narrator), 
Windows 8
>> provides a smooth and simple experience for those blind computer 
>> who wish to keep up with the latest technology.
>> I hope this helps you.
>> Kelsey

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>>> Hello Kelsey.
>>> Thanks for the heads up regarding Windows upgrades and settings.
>>> How did you try it with Supernova? Asking as I read that the
>> current
>>> version is not supported under Windows 8.
>>> Glad you like it and have to agree with you regarding
>> accessibility.
>>> There are lots of misconceptions that Windows 8 is designed for
>> the
>>> touch screen market and therefore is not tailor made to be
>> accessible.
>>> Please relax folks, keyboard and mouse input is still supported
>> and it
>>> is just as accessible as Windows 7!
>>> Thanks for sharing once again.  Much appreciated.

>>> Christopher Hallsworth

>>> On 17/11/2012 21:36, kelsey trevett wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> Last weekend I upgraded to Windows 8 from Vister.  When I found
>> out that
>>>> I didn't have a JAWS licence, I had to download NVDA.  That was
>> working
>>>> fine until Windows 8 crashed.  I had to send it in.  They said
>> (take
>>>> note of this if you plan to upgrade):
>>>> When you upgrade from one Windows version to another, you must
>> set the
>>>> old Windows settings to `default`.
>>>> I didn't do this therefore my PC crashed.
>>>> Now I have it running again, I think that it is...  amazing!
>>>> The keystrokes and new environment are extremely accessible with
>> the
>>>> following screenreaders:
>>>> NVDA.
>>>> JAWS (I know this due to the 40 min demo mode).
>>>> Supernova.
>>>> Windows Eyes and of course Windows Narrator.  The start screen
>> works
>>>> great and all the charms are fantastically accessible!
>>>> This is a good step up Microsoft, keep it up!
>>>> Cheers,
>>>> Kelsey
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