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Mary, I don't think this is true. Otherwise Microsoft wouldn't allow
upgrades to be made from Windows 7. My daughter works for Microsoft and she
has told me that I can upgrade from W7 to W8 without any problems. 

I remember that I did the same from Vista to W7 and it went very smoothly.
Microsoft is very careful in its upgrade policies and again, if this were to
cause any issues they didn't even sell w8 as an upgrade.

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Hi list,

One of the books I'm reading about Windows 8 warns people not to upgrade
directly from Windows 7. It can be done, but portions of the low-level code
in Windows 8 are different enough to cause a PC to crash. I think my
preference would be to purchase a new PC with Windows 8 on it, and use Easy
Transfer to copy files and settings from the old PC to the new Windows 8 PC.
It's a longer process, but much cleaner since it doesn't leave old stuff on
the PC that could cause bugs and crashes.

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