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Hello, List Members,

On Wednesday, November 28, the new BARD-featuring Web-Braille materials, the
wish list, and other additions-was released.   The National Library Service
is aware of technical glitches that are occurring, and are working
diligently to resolve them.   We thank you for your patience.

BARD users will receive a message summarizing the new materials and features
the first five times they log in to BARD.

Once BARD has been updated, you will be able to log in with the same email
address and password you use now. You'll notice the following differences:

Web-Braille is now part of BARD. On every page containing books or
magazines, you'll find links to both audio and braille titles. These links
are always at heading 1, so you can easily find the book format you want.
Audiobooks are always listed first. Also, if you only want to see one type
of book, you can set this up by choosing the Account Settings link on the
BARD main page and then making your choice in the Display Results combo box.
This page also gives you the option to display the site in color or black
and white, which may help some of you to see it better.

Braille books are in zip files. Each zip file contains all the volumes of
that book. So to read a braille book, unzip the book to a folder, copy that
unzipped folder's contents to a braille-aware notetaker or computer with a
braille display, open the volume you want, and start reading.

Braille music scores and audio music instruction courses are now on BARD. So
are books, both braille and audio, that are produced by NLS network

BARD book listings are formatted as they always were, except that each book
title is now a link. If you choose that link, you go to a page with several
new features. These include:

.    The author's name is a link that takes you to a page displaying all
the books on BARD by that author.
.    If the book is part of a series, there is a Series link that will
take you to a page listing all the books on BARD in the series. Note that
this section    is still under development, so not all books in the series
may be listed.
.    If the book is listed under more than one subject, all the subjects
are listed, and each is a link to all the books on BARD with that subject.
This    also means that if you browse by subject on BARD, Bestseller will
now include all books with the subject Bestseller.
.    The narrator's name is a link that will take you to a page listing
other books read by that narrator.
.    There is a link that will add the book to a wish list. This is handy
if you don't want to download the book now but would like to be able to
locate it later.
.    There are additional details, such as the book's ISBN.

You can now see a list of all the books and magazines you have downloaded.
To do this, follow the My Previous Downloads link on the main page. The My
Wish List link is there, too. Both are level 3 headings, making it easy to
find them.

For a more detailed description of the changes, visit


Since these are major changes, you may experience some problems with the
site at first. If so, please be patient and know that NLS is working to fix
problems as quickly as possible. If a problem doesn't go away after a day or
two, however, feel free to contact your library.

We hope you enjoy this new version of BARD.


The Maryland Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
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