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Hi David and list,


I hope the following comment is well taken. It is not intended to critizise
but rather to help. Mary is an excellent presenter and I always enjoy her
reviews. However, as it has been the case for other reviewers, , she
presented a review of a product that she had gotten that day. Wouldn’t be
better that for future presentations reviewers would get familiar with the
products they intend to review? Just a suggestion.

I understand the excitement that reviewers get when they receive a new
product and their interest in sharing its features with others. Needless to
say that their efforts are greatly appreciated but I think it would be
better if they get more aquinted with the product before sharing their
impressions with the Main Menu audience.


Best regards,




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The thanks goes to Larry the acbradio station manager.  TThe issue was at a
more technical level of operation than I or Chase would ordinarily be
working at or probably even have the knowledge to work with.  At any rate,
it is fixed thanks to Larry's assistance.


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Hi David, thanks for fixing the podcast. Now it works fine.


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MainMenu celebrates the 10th anniversary of Bookshare with an interview with
Jimm Fruchterman and other members of the Bookshare staff.  We talk about
the first 10 years, and catch up on the latest happenings from Bookshare.
There is a lots of new things to know including over 200,000 Bookshare


Mary Emerson follows up with an introduction to the APH Book Port Desktop


It's all on MainMenu this week just for you!!!


Main Menu can first be heard on Fridays at 9:00 pm Eastern time. It airs
throughout Saturday on ACB Radio Mainstream. 
It is also available in the iTunes store, in the iBlink Radio app for IOS
and Android devices, and is available to Radio Reading Services around the


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