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Hello Everyone,
As you all know, main Menu is always working hard to bring you coverage of
new products as soon as they are released.  We always receive questions on
this list, via email, and on our Twitter account when a new product hits the
market  asking when and if we will cover that new product.  Sometimes we
cover these by a demo.  Other times, it's an interview.  Either way, the
entire Main Menu team is always thinking of ways in which we can bring you
the latest technology news in the usual high-quality and info-packed format
that you have come to expect from Main Menu over the last 12+ years.
However, in some cases, you do notice that a presenter has just acquired the
new device.  As some have noticed, Mary's presentation was an example of a
segment recorded right after a product launch.  Mary, who is a member of the
Main Menu team, did offer to provide a basic demo of the Book Port dT from
APH as soon as it was released.  I agreed, and asked Mary for a basic intro
to the device, which she provided us.  All of the information in Mary's demo
was completely correct.  I asked for this brief intro because we will have
an interview and demo with APH in the coming weeks about some of their new
products, including the Book Port DT.  However, we knew that you, the
listeners, would want a brief intro to this new popular product.  

We will continue to provide our usual timely coverage of new products.
However, we will not mention in our show any longer how long we have used a
product or the date of recording.  If you choose to contribute to Main Menu,
we ask that you also remember to just discuss the product, not your level of
experience with it, so that we can avoid the concerns and confusion you have
noticed on this list lately.  Again, Mary's presentation was not incorrect.
We will be putting this policy on segments in place simply to avoid any
confusion or doubt a listener may have about a presentation that occurs
after a product launch.

I hope this explains our reasoning behind the Book Port DT and other reviews
we have done.  If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please
let us know and we would be more than happy to consider your feedback.

Chase Crispin
Main Menu Executive Producer
chase at acbradio.org

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Hi all,

The intent of the review, whether I took a day to do it or a week, was to
provide a basic introduction, not an in-depth review. Chase specifically
requested a basic review, and that's what I was told to do. 
So it wouldn't have made any difference if I'd waited a week or two; it
would have still been a basic  review, no more, no less.

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