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send me the link to the instructions?

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>I preordered the day i got this email.  I can't wait to get mine.  
On the websight you can read instructions.
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>> Hi, All.
>> I'm pleased to see another accessible player on the scene and 
hope a review will be forthcoming.  I know several people who 
will be pleased to hear about a talking mp3 player that is not an 
Apple product.

>> Thanks much.
>> Lynne

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>> I think this is another case where there may be some people who 
will think this sounds really great, and others would rather have 
something like the Shuffel or a device that can do more than play 

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>> Sounds nice, but you can buy an iPod Shuffle for $49 and change 
US or less in some places.  I don't need an FM radio.  I wish 
them the best in selling this product.  Would still like to hear 
a demo however.  Just my thoughts.
>> On 10/18/2012 8:07 PM, Cullen Gallagher wrote:

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>> Subject: A Talking MP3 Player for Only $75
>> Date: October 11, 2012 12:23:07 PM EDT
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>> A Big Hello from the Braille Superstore,

>> http://www.BrailleSuperstore.com

>> It's small.  It's powerful.  It's affordable.  And best of all 
..  it talks!

>> Yes folks, it's here.  After years of development and rigorous 
testing, we are rolling out our very own talking MP3 player, 
complete with a voice recorder, FM Radio, and an E-Book reader.

>> Unlike its competitors, our Talking MP3 player is small (about 
the size of a cigarette lighter) and ridiculously inexpensive.  
Finally, blind folks can take music wherever they go - on a 
player that doesn't cost hundreds of dollars.

>> Announcing the world's first talking MP3 player - at a price 
everyone can afford! Select the album you want to listen to for 
your afternoon walk.  Pause to record a note for later, then 
listen to the radio on the way home.  Curl up for a while with 
your favorite E-Book, then switch over to Recordings and play 
Mom's famous cookie recipe.  You can't see the screen, but it 
doesn't matter.  Every song title, every menu option, and every 
page of your E-Book is spoken out loud.  It's all possible thanks 
to one extraordinary device - the Tiny Tunes MP3 player.

>> Unlike every digital player on the market today, you never need 
to look at the screen when using this device.  As you move 
through the songs in your current album, each new title is spoken 
to you as you select it.  Names of albums, genres and even 
artists are also read audibly.  Concerned about changing 
settings, selecting options, finding the right recording or 
reading a book? Don't be, because all those features are voiced 
aloud, too.  Put simply, everything that comes up on the screen 
of this MP3 player is spoken in clear, synthetic speech.

>> Your new player is powered by an internal Lithium Ion battery, 
which lasts between ten and fifteen hours without power and 
charges through USB.  It also boasts four gigabytes of internal 
flash memory, which will hold approximately two thousand songs.  
The player comes packed into a durable, thick leather case, which 
even has two large speakers built into the front.  The player has 
a safety-lock switch to prevent accidental bumping of the buttons 
while listening, and standard-sized USB and headphone jacks.  The 
package even comes with a USB cable and a pair of stylish 

>> The Tiny Tunes MP3 Player itself from Future Aids is small, 
smaller than two fingers put together and less than an ounce in 
weight.  It plays all standard music files, organizes your music 
exactly the way you want, has a built-in voice recorder, reads 
E-Books, and even boasts an FM radio.  All these features are 
impressive, but the fact that every function talks makes this 
player worth its weight in gold.  Digital music and E-Books have 
completely redefined modern-day entertainment.  Come join the fun 
with one small device - boasting one powerful set of features!

>> The Tiny Tunes MP3 Player is scheduled to be released over the 
Thanksgiving long weekend (November 22).  To insure you get yours 
as quickly as possible, please place your pre-order today.

>> To read more about this exciting player, or to pre-order it, 
please visit the below link.  It will take you directly to the 
product page.


>> While you're there, don't forget to Like our new Facebook page!

>> Thanks for reading, folks.  Have an absolutely wonderful 

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website at www.BrailleBookstore.com , or have ordered from us 
before.  We now have the option on our checkout page which lets 
you decide not to be added to our mailing list.  If, for any 
reason, you do not wish to receive our newsletter in future, just 
visit the below link:
n.gallagher at gmail.com

>> Cordially,
>> All your Friends at
>> Future Aids The Braille Superstore
>> A Division of
>> MarvelSoft Enterprises, Inc.

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