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Hi Mary,

Thank you for this list of books. Although I'm not planning to upgrade yet,
I'm still interested in learning all I can about Windows 8 so I'll have some
prior knowledge when I either finally bight the bullet and upgrade or am
forced to do so by my computer. <Smile!> I also wonder if NBP will come out
with any guides on Windows 8 like they have in the past, or if Kathy Ann
Murtha will write one. If so, I think they would be great resources for the
blind Windows 8 user.



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Hi all,

For those of you who are Bookshare subscribers, here's a list of books
available about Windows 8. None of these are the really good, thorough
guides but hopefully they'll help you get started. The ones I'm waiting for
are Windows 8 The Missing Manual, Windows 8 Inside Out, and Windows
8 The Definitive Guide. Those titles were fabulous Windows 7 books, and they
still are. If the Windows 8 versions show up on Bookshare, you won't go
wrong with them; they'll be worth their weight in gold! Here's the current
listing that I've found thus far:

Windows 8 Plain and Simple, by Nancy Muir

Windows 8 Step By Step by Ciprian Adrian Rusen

Windows 8 For Tablets Plain and Simple by Simon May

Getting started With Windows 8 Apps by Ben Dewey

Microsoft Windows 8 Administration Pocket Consultant by William R. Stanek

Troubleshoot and Optimize Windows 8 Inside Out by Mike Halsey

Windows 8 Out of the Box by Mike Halsey

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