[Mm-friends] recording synthesizer and voice

Mary Emerson maryemerson at sbcglobal.net
Mon Oct 29 02:32:49 GMT 2012


I don't know how David did it, but I use an external sound card; many 
Creative SoundBlaster cards have a "what u hear" option which lets you 
record any sounds the computer makes, along with sounds from a 
microphone. In Windows 7 and XP, you can do this easily; but in Windows 
7, there is a sound mixer that can be adjusted via the system tray or 
the "sound" option in the control panel. My preferred method is to go to 
the system tray, go down to the bottom of the list, and push enter on 
it; you land on an option to adjust the sound mixer. When you press 
enter, you're in a dialog that you can tab around to adjust sound 
levels. I turn them all up to 100 percent. Each sound level represents a 
different program that's currently running and that can create sound output.

Before this can work, though, you need a SoundBlaster sound card, and it 
needs to be installed, if it isn't already on your PC. This often 
requires that you go to the Creative Labs web site and download a new 
driver for the sound card, because sometimes the driver that comes with 
the card is too old.


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