[Mm-friends] a little more about Windows 8

Mary Emerson maryemerson at sbcglobal.net
Mon Oct 29 04:52:33 GMT 2012

Hi again,

I've been looking at the book called Windows 8 Out Of The Box and it 
says that the e-mail program that comes with Windows 8 is a watered-down 
version of Live Mail. Live Mail has been made to work at a level that's 
similar to Outlook.

Also, Windows 8 Explorer has Computer, as Windows 7 Explorer did. I use 
Computer all the time because it works so much like My Computer on XP.

I get the impression from this book that new desktop applications can't 
be installed on tablets, but I could be wrong, and the book could be wrong.

On a side note, I checked Amazon and found some accessories for the 
Microsoft Surface; they come in a package including a carrying case; 
looks like total price is about $37. I don't know when the Surface will 
be out.

I hope NBP or somebody will come out with a list of keystrokes and a 
description of gestures; there are a few, such as pinching in and 
pinching out with two fingers, and moving your finger up and down the 
screen. Probably not too hard.


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