[Mm-friends] Perhaps O for the listT?

Stefan Slucki gracedman at bigpond.com
Tue Oct 30 06:42:13 GMT 2012

Certainly a little 'low tech' I know.

Does anyone know if APH are supplying spare parts to repair the old 4-track 
GE casette players which RFB, aka RFB and D aka Learning Ally once used?

I have two of them in various states of disrepair which I still use and 
wonder if parts such as bona fide recording heads, speakers and such are 

I know there seems to be a policy of "we only deal with certified dealers 
who've done our approved training" but any light on the topic would be 

I realise that generic heads will probably do.

Regards to all from yet another aussie who sounds a bit like David 

Stefan Slucki.

PS. My knowledge of tech isn't half that of David's. (smile) 
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