[Mm-friends] using Adobe Flash Player with Jaws

Chase Crispin chase at acbradio.org
Wed Apr 3 22:43:22 EDT 2013

Hi Stefan,
Like others have said so far, Flash is a touchy application.  I am not very
knowledgeable about how flash is implemented, but at times it is accessible,
and at other times it is completely inaccessible with button names like
unlabeled1, unlabeled2, etc.  unfortunately, unlabeled buttons seem to be
more common.  I don't feel like we could really cover flash because it is so
different from site to site and from version to version.  I'm up for hearing
tips on this though if anyone has had better luck than me.


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Hi everyone and a happy Easter,
am I the only one who has problems with this program? Or is it possible to
use Adobe Flash Player with Jaws?
Perhaps this could be a topic on the show? 
I have Jaws 13 (haven't upgraded to 14 yet) and have AFP v11.2 something
Help to use it or confirmation that it's not currently accessible gladly
Many thanks;
Stefan Slucki.
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