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That’s very cool!!!! Where did you get that alpha?




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Hi Again,


I forgot to mention that Jaws 15 will be compatible with touch screen
devices. Eric Damery made a demo of this technology in the Season conference
in March. Moreover, the latest podcast Jonathan Mosen was using a surphace
with Jaws 15. So if Jaws works as it is expected with the surphace I would
think it would be a better choice that the I Pad. But of course, this is my
opinion and I am sure many people on this list will disagree with me.



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A few weeks ago I heard a serie of podcasts on mainmenu about the surface
pro with narrator. In a few weeks the surface will be released in Europe.


I had some questions:

- Is it possible to use voices in other languages than English with

- Are the apps in de windows store accessible with narrator?

- Is the surface pro a better buy than a ipad?




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