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Hello to all NVDA users,

We are making a video to help promote the work we do, and we would love
NVDA users all over the world to take part. If you, or someone you know,
has had their life greatly enhanced by NVDA, we would love to hear from
you. Here's what you need to do:

(1) Organise for someone to film you on their digital camera, camcorder,
smart phone, tablet, or PC.

(2) Ask the camera operator to place the camera on a steady surface so
it doesn't wobble around too much, if possible.

(3) If filming on a smart phone or tablet, please place the screen
horizontally while filming as this will work better with the final
product than a vertical shot.

(4) Record your testimonial - start by stating your name and country,
then please explain how NVDA has impacted on your life. Please be
succinct. You may speak in English or in your native language. If you
speak in your native language, it is a bonus if you can provide us with
a written translation into English that we can use for subtitles.

(5) The bigger the file size, the better the quality, so if you can file
share your videos on a website like Dropbox.com and send us the link
that would be great. For smaller files under 25MB you may be able to
email them to us. Please email to an account we have set up especially
for this purpose: nvda.video at gmail.com
(5) we will endeavour to include as many of the testimonials as possible
within reason.

Thank you so much for your support. Please stay tuned for news about our
soon-to-be-created Youtube channel.

Please consider donating to NV Access to support NVDA's continued

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