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Hi Luis,
David Woodbridge, the creator of these Vision Australia podcasts, is an
active member of the Main Menu staff.  These podcasts are made for both Main
Menu and Vision Australia.  Though these segments are not exclusive to Main
menu, they are very popular and important to our listeners.  We get a lot of
feedback on these iOS and Mac tutorials.  
We constantly try to have a balance between different types of technology.
Sometimes, an entire show is dedicated to a certain topic, but we try to
cover some things about Windows, some things about the Mac, some things
about iOS, some things about mobile apps, some things about blindness
technology, etc.  If you look at our archives, you will find that we have a
pretty equal amount of reviews between these groups of technologies that I
just outlined.  There are so many people in the blindness community using
iOS and Macs that it would be unfair for us to stop broadcasting these
segments from Vision Australia.  In the same way, we would not stop
producing reviews of apps for the PC, websites, or demos of note takers.  We
always try to have a balance between all the types of technologies.
We do also have exclusive Mac and iOS demos.  David Woodbridge has produced
some demos exclusively for us.  Many of us on staff, including David Tanner,
Dan Eickmeier, and myself have done iOS and/or Mac demos on
listener-requested topics.
I realize that you may not wish to hear these iOS or Mac demos, but the
advantage of downloading our shows as you do is that you can just skip past
these demos.  We already have several segments planned on windows 8, Android
4.2, the new Victor Reader Stream, games for the Mac, new iOS apps, and
more.  Again, we try to cover all types of technology on Main Menu.
Please do let us know if you have further questions or concerns on this.  
Chase Crispin
Main Menu Executive Producer


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Hi David,


I wonder if you know when we will be able to listen to Main Menu using its
podcast feed. I have missed the last three or four shows due to the changes
implemented at ACB Radio server. I understand that these changes are
necessary but I look forward to be able to download the main menu shows.


I have another question and I hope you don’t get me wrong. Why Main Menu
rebroadcast on each show episodes from Vision Australia podcast. Since these
episodes can be heard directly from their web page. Wouldn’t be better if
this space could be used to broadcast original content? I understand that
the I devices have represented a great contribution to the blind community
but for those of us who don’t use them I think other content could be
included in this segment of main menu in stead. 


Best regards,




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It’s a week for highlighting the newest in the area of assistive
technologies for the blind this week on MainMenu.


Executive producer Chase Crispin starts off the show with a interview with
Michael Tindell from Humanware about the new Victor Stream.


David Woodbridge from www.visionaustralia.org follows with a review and
demonstration of the new iOS app Brailletouch.


And, finally, Chase returns with a interview with Scott Hagley from Hims
Inc. about the latest firmware release for Book Sense.


These are the new items you’ll be talking about and considering over the
coming months, and we covered them right from their release here on



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throughout Saturday on ACB Radio Mainstream. 


It is also available in the iTunes store, in the iBlink Radio app for IOS

and Android devices, and is available to Radio Reading Services around the



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