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I will second that Mary.  I was the one who started the conversation, and I
think we have heard a lot of good comments from many folks on this subject.


So, let's try another topic for those who may have a Book Sense or may be
considering it for their player of choice.  


Hims just released version 3.0 of their firmware for the Book Sense.  Of the
small Daisy players the Book Sense is the only one with Bluetooth, and the
only one that will read a PDF file.  You can also use it as a calculator,
and do text searches on files with it.  And, it also has a few other
features not included in the other players.


Again, if you could choose any one of the players including the Book Sense
ook Sense, Stream, PlexTalk or BookPort2.


If you choose Book Sense give a little of your reasons why.  If you choose
iTouch, iPhone or iPad then briefly say why you chose an I device.


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Fair enough. Please forgive me for prolonging it; when I passed along my
comment that I was not going to buy the new Stream, I was not expecting to
learn that it would be supported by Audible. I am delighted to learn this
information, and so I can now move on with my life, smile. Thank you for
your patience and assistance.

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> And I'm the one who forwarded the info, just as I received it, to the 
> list Lynne mentioned.
> Please folks, can we drop this subject? I don't have any authority to 
> insist on it, but, as a Main Menu production staff member, I wish I 
> could urge that we get on to some other topic.
> Mary
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