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Thanks for your comment.  I believe that David Woodbridge reads this list
regularly and we will see if he would be willing to take that on.  It does
sound like an interesting comparison.



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Hello everyone,


I'm new to this list. I subscribed myself because I heard a very good review
of the microsoft sureface tablet this week on mainmenu. I was surprised
about the quality of the narator voice. I have an Iphone 4 and the interface
of this tablet looks the same.

I am thinking to buy an Ipad 4 but when I heard this review hmmmm.

In the review the person who made it doesn't gives a good idea what the
quality is of the sureface in contrast to the Apple Voiceover in the ipad.


Maybe it is a good idea to make a review on this question to give the
pro/cons of this two tablets for blind users.






P.S. sorry for my bad english

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