[Mm-friends] The New Victor Reader Stream…Smaller, Smarter and Wireless!

Sabahattin Gucukoglu listsebby at me.com
Sat Feb 23 06:09:32 EST 2013

On 23 Feb 2013, at 05:57, Lino Morales <lino0876 at carolina.rr.com> wrote:
> Now why in the world would wnnt a disc drive? Remember we are in the digatal erra now. Most devices don't use drives.

Because a non-trivial number of DAISy titles, including those from the RNIB, are only available on discs.  I lamented the loss of the disc drive when upgrading from Sara to Sara CE, and I'm glad that I have the latest iMac and Mac Mini with disc drive inside.  Despite what the almighty prophet Jobs proclaimed to the contrary, discs are still useful even if only occasionally, and I'm always glad to find the drive easily available when I have need of it.


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