[Mm-friends] m-friends recording YouTube audio - is it legal and?

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I would not want to go on record as saying whether this is illegal or not, but I would say that if there is a link to purchase the song from the iTunes store it is a clear indication that the material is copywrited.  That being the case I would say that it is very likely illegal to make a recording of that music because it is illegal to make  a copy of copyrighted works without the express written agreement of the copywrite holder.  So, if that written permission is not present on You Tube then you should consider that you do not have the permission of the copywrite holder to copy their work.

I am not an attourney, but I am betting that they would tell you the same thing.

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  Happy New Year everyone,

  this is a serious question.

  I have been listening to a lot of YouTube song presentations, recently.

  I notice that many clips have links to the itunes store where you can buy the song I've just heard.

  Does this mean that it is technically illegal to record the song for one's own use from the YouTube presentation?

  If not, what screen-reader namely Jaws-friendly program have people used to do this. Again, I stress I am being serious in asking this question.

  If it is legal then a demonstration of how to do this would be very welcome indeed.

  I would like to buy stuff from amazon.com but they do not sell mp3 files outside the US.

  I find itunes baffling as a store and greatly dislike their aak formating of music files ... but now I'm getting off topic.

  Stefan Slucki
  South Australia. 


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