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Couldn't bring up Chris't's link that he posted. 

Will try again tomorrow. 

Am very interested in the subject but my concern is safety at all times. 

See that Toyota is coming aboard now. 

To explain further, I would like to wait a bit longer after those cars are well and truly trusted for the road but don't of course have for ever. 

Tony Sweeney
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  Hay Chris,

  Thanks for this info.  I am copying below a message that appeared a couple of days ago related to the driverless vehicle subject.  I noticed that the basic information about what you have here was also on the ABC evening news today.  I was a little surprised to see it hit the evening news.  And, what was really kind of fun was that they used the intro from the Jetson's to intro the segment.

  Move over guys. I  want to go driving'




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  Auburn Hills supplier's driverless car set to hit Nevada roads By Alisa Priddle Detroit Free Press Business Writer 


  Continental of Auburn Hills today became the first automotive supplier to be approved for a special Nevada license for autonomous driving in its driverless test car. The supplier has met the requirements for an Autonomous Vehicle Testing License from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, allowing the autonomous car to be tested on the state's public roads. The red Nevada plate has an infinity sign to denote it as a car of the future. It shows that the driverless car passing motorists is both safe and legal. Continental's strategy is clearly focused on making this type of future technology a reality," said Chairman Elmar Degenhart. It's clear to us that automated driving will be a key element in the mobility of the future," he said, adding that Continental can provide partially automated systems for customers by 2016 and fully automated systems as early as 2020. The industry sees autonomous driving as the next frontier in vehicle safety, with sensors gauging the surroundings and steering, braking and accelerating accordingly. The technology is designed to reduce accidents, congestion and fuel consumption. With driverless cars, the age and state of the driver does not matter and parking is not an issue when cars drop off their passengers and drive home. Google has developed a driverless car that also has qualified for a Nevada license. Continental took a VW Passat, outfitted it with driver assist technologies and completed more than 15,000 miles of road testing with no hands on the wheel or foot on the pedal. It is an important step toward achieving the company's Vision Zero - the goal of reaching zero accidents and zero fatalities on the roadways. 


  Contact Alisa Priddle: 313-222-5394 or apriddle at freepress.com

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    Thought you may be interested in this article about driverless cars from the Wall Street Journal. I received this article from another list:


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    From the Wall Street Journal of Friday, 4 January 2013Page B1

    Toyota Motor Corp and Audi AG are throwing their hats into the ring ot potential suppliers of self-driving vehicles.

    Both auto makers confirmed on Thursday that they will be demonstrating autonomous driving features at the Consumer Electronics Show this coming week, signaling a new effort to raise the technology's profile among consumers.



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