[Mm-friends] ACB Radio Tuner 8 is available for download

Luis Eduardo Peña lpena57 at gmail.com
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Hi Larry,


Would it be possible that the ACB Radio stations could be placed on the
Nokia internet Radio program, so one could listen to them on the cell phone?




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Hi all,


We have the new and improved version of the ACB Radio Tuner available for


This version fixes the broken stream references that occurred when we moved
to another server.


This version also lists the new World News and Information stream.


We have removed the modem streams because we don’t get any listeners there
and they are harder to support.


In order to get the tuner go to http://acbradio.org/node/10


Scroll down the page by heading and you will find the ACB Radio Tuner under
its own heading.


Also we have winamp and foobar2000 available for download if you need an
alternative to windows media player on your windows machine.


We don’t have any mac players at this time but will research that for the


Happy listening


Larry Turnbull

ACB Radio Managing Director


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