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Does the upgrade utility now work on windows eight

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On 3 May 2013, at 20:59, cullen <cullen.gallagher at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi. Some new upgrades were released for tiny tunes. Here is what was new. Sorry if this does not look correctly.
> Directions for theUpgrading Tiny Tunes From Future Aids.
> New in Version 1.0.2 (March 29, 2013): 
> The menu choices have been reorganized into sub-menus to make items easier to find. 
> The Recording function has been totally redesigned for a simpler feel, allowing for both recording and playback in one area. 
> Different recording modes allow you to maximize either recording time or quality, and MP3 recording is now also supported. 
> Notes are now saved with a simple, numerical filename, and can be organized into different folders created by the user. 
> A built-in clock can now speak the current time and date at the touch of a button. 
> Lots of new sound effects give added audio queues of what your player is up to.
> New in Version 1.0.1 (February 28, 2013): 
> Menu choices and prompts are spoken with real human speech. 
> Audible feedback is given when player powers up and turns off. 
> An audible battery indicator has been added to the About window (formerly Storage Info). 
> Song titles are taken from the ID3 tags in the file. The filename is only used if a song title is not found. 
> Pressing Play when a song title is being read stops the speech and immediately starts playing. 
> Song titles are not spoken when a new track is selected and audio is playing, it just starts playing the new song right away. 
> The Radio can now be turned on and off with a quick tap of the Play button. 
> Station frequencies are spoken as they are selected. 
> The Radio menu also speaks, allowing you to configure presets and choose the scan mode. 
> Storage Info (now called About) is now fully accessible, and speaks information about how much room is free on your player. 
> Turning the player's speech off only takes effect for the current session. As soon as you power-cycle the player, speech is automatically re-enabled. 
> The volume control has been completely overhauled, affording ten easy settings that work correctly every time. 
> Audible feedback has been added to the Recording feature to speak recording start, pause, resume, and stop. 
> Pressing Play will never offer the Delete option. Delete is now only available at the press of the Menu button. 
> Unwanted songs can now be deleted as you listen to a Playlist, instead of having to find the file in Browse mode. 
> Player stability has been greatly enhanced with numerous bug fixes and countless function rewrites.
> To make sure you get the most out of these exciting new features, the updated User's Manual will be copied to your player once the upgrade is complete.
> Upgrade Instructions: 
> 1. Scroll past these instructions to find and select the link for the "Firmware Upgrade Utility." 
> 2. In the download box that appears, either save the file and open it later, or select Run now. Note that the upgrade utility currently only works on Windows XP. 
> 3. When you open the upgrade utility, it welcomes you to the program as it unpacks the files necessary to perform the upgrade. 
> 4. After a few seconds, you are instructed to connect your player in recovery mode. Hold down the Mode button for a second, then connect the USB cord. Continue to hold Mode until the device is detected, then release the button. After a few seconds, the upgrade automatically commences, and takes about fifteen minutes to complete. Do not disconnect your player during the firmware upgrade. 
> 5. When the upgrade is finished, you will be instructed to disconnect your player. Once you have done so, the upgrade program will say Goodbye and close. 
> 6. Congratulations! You are now running the most current firmware on your Tiny Tunes player! 
> Please note: This upgrade requires about 30 megabytes of free space on your player for the audio files. If sufficient space is not found on your device, Tiny Tunes will continue to use synthetic speech in some or all areas.
> Firmware Upgrade Utility
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