[Mm-friends] Audio related mailing lists or podcasts

Mary Emerson maryemerson at sbcglobal.net
Sat May 25 14:29:20 EDT 2013

My method is to use a small Olympus recorder for the main part of my 
production, recording additional files if I forgot something in the main 
part. Then I edit with Studio Recorder from American Printing House for 
the Blind; it's expensive, and there is other software out there, but 
this has always worked well for me. I insert the second, third, fourth, 
etc. files into the first one where necessary. If I need to add anything 
while editing, I use a very cheap headset with a microphone in it. For 
recording sounds directly from the PC, I have a Creative SoundBlaster 
card with "what u hear" functions activated. Note that the U is not y o 
u, but the letter u.

Mary Emerson

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