[Mm-friends] Demo of Studio Recorder

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Hi Luis,
The podcast Mary mentioned is currently unavailable due to the server move 
but those older archives should be put back into place in the coming weeks. 
Jamie Pauls also presented a brief demo of Studio Recorder three years or so 
ago.  He went through how he used the program to produce Main Menu, and he 
uses the same techniques that the Main Menu team uses when producing content 
now.  The link to that show is:

I really don't feel we should cover Studio Recorder in depth again since we 
have already covered it extensively and the program really hasn't changed 
since the previously mentioned presentations.  I will see if I can hunt down 
Jonathan's presentation in the archives I have stored here.

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> Hi Mary,
> Thanks for the explanation. Nonethless after 12 years it would be nice to 
> do
> a new review.
> Best
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> A two-hour demo of Studio Recorder was done on Main Menu many years ago, I
> think around 2001 when the software first became available. I'm not sure 
> if
> it's on the site yet, but it would still be a great intro to the software.
> Jonathan Mosen did a great job showing how it works. There have been
> additional features added since then, but when I last heard it, some time
> ago, it was still very useful.
> Mary
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