[Mm-friends] iPhones and Jaws 15 Top The News On MainMenu This Week

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Thu Sep 12 23:01:21 EDT 2013

MainMenu is packed with information you do not want to miss...


MainMenu Executive Producer Chase Crispin and MainMenu staff member David
Woodbridge discuss the highlights of the new iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, and the
new iOS7 operating system for iDevices to be released in the coming week.


Thanks to  the serotalk podcast network; Jamie Pauls interviews a
representative from Enabling Technologies at the 2013 ACB Convention. 


And, thanks to Freedom Scientific MainMenu is rebroadcasting the FSCast
August 2013 podcast from Freedom Scientific and hear Johnathan Mosen and
Eric Damery start their review of the new features and changes coming in
Jaws For Windows version 15.


You will not want to miss the information and interesting content in this
show for this week.

So join us and be a part of what is going on on MainMenu.


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