[Mm-friends] segmens for XP users

Brett Wilhelm bwilhelm2586 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 20 18:24:11 EDT 2014

In case you haven't heard, Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP
on April 8.  This means that Microsoft will no longer provide security
updates for the OS, leaving those who continue to use it vulnerable to
hacking and other malicious attacks.
I would suggest that Main Menu air some segments for those Still using
XP on options for who need to switch to a new OS.
Perhaps Main Menu could have a panel discussion comparing more modern
versions of Windows, and other operating systems like Linux and OSX.
Also, maybe a segment on moving your data from one computer to another
would be useful, as many XP users who chose to upgrade to a newer
version of Windows will need to buy a new computer.
Because XP is still the second most popular operating system and I
know many blind people still using it, I feel these would be great
segments for Main Menu.
Thanks, Brett Wilhelm

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