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Brian Sackrider n8mnx at comcast.net
Thu Nov 6 19:50:43 EST 2014

     Hadley school does offer a very wide verity of courses it's a 
corispondence school your exams are oppend book and you have to complete 
a lesson before going on to the next lesson.  It's really not for me 
because the pace is to slow in that the turn arround time is to long so 
for example somthing that I could learn in a few inutes would take 
several weeks or months.  I don't want to discourage you it seems to be 
geered more for the slower learner and thats not a bash if you fit that 
catagory but that is not for me so good luck if you deside to try them.
Brian Sackrider
On 11/6/2014 6:37 PM, Stefan Slucki via Mm-friends wrote:
> Hello Betty and welcome to the list,
> the best place for you to find out about such practical daily-living 
> stuff, including braille, I'm so glad they proudly feature it, is the 
> Hadley School for the Blind website.
> It features lots of stuff for adults newly adjusting to vision-loss
> www.hadley.edu.org
> There are many podcasts available and online courses you can do as well.
> Best wishes with that.
> Stefan Slucki.
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