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This is not the forum to discuss this topic.  I agree with Marlaina here.  Bad idea.



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Subject: [Mm-friends] coverage of the recent happenings at Serotek
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Hello. For those who don't know, last week, five employees of Serotek (many of them who were involved in various podcasts produced by Serotek, suddenly announced their departure from the company. Many of the departed employees did interviews at various assistive technologiey conferences as part of the work on those podcasts. Some of those interviews were rebroadcast on Main Menu. The sudden departures have caused quite a stir on Twitter and many are wondering what is going on. Serotek today published a brief statement saying all was well with the company. Many of the questions that have been asked about these events remain unanswered however.
As a show that has covered issues of concern with assistive technology and assistive technology companies, will Main Menu try to provide any coverage of what is going on at Serotek? I would like to hear an interview with Serotek's CEO answering some of the questions people are asking on Twitter. Also, perhaps Main Menu could talk to some of the former Serotek employees to get their side of the story. 
What do you guys think of this idea?
Thanks, Brett Wilhelm
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