[Mm-friends] Moving Up to Windows Ten

Stanley Haupt bookworm at ptd.net
Fri Dec 4 22:56:20 EST 2015

I have two computers. The newest computer had Windows 8.1. I did not feel
brave enough to try these upgrades on my own. So, I had sighted assistance
from my church's pastor.


We did Windows 8.1 on October 29, 2015. My pastor selected using default
settings. This allowed most of the programs to stay installed with the
update to Windows 10. I did have to remove DBT11.3. DBT did not want to
remove itself from the program list. I did get help from the Microsoft
Disability. They used other software to remove DBT. After it was removed, I
was able to download the latest version and get it activated.


After the November 10 Tuesday update for Windows 7, I was able to put
Windows 10 on that computer. Default settings were used, but I had to remove
Openbook and DBT. DBT was downloaded and activated. 


When it came to Openbook, the original 9.0 disk would not fully install. I
went to the freedom Scientific page and downloaded the latest demo of
Openbook. It did successfully install. I used the registration disk and put
the license key in manually. This turned Openbook from a demo to a fully
functioning software.


On both of these computers, I have NVDA, Window-Eyes 9.2.1, and System
Access as the different screen readers.


I am glad that ACB Radio has MainMenu to keep their computer user's informed
about the assisttive technology that is available to us. MainMenu does keep
everyone informed about the latest computer technology.


Stanley Haupt 

bookworm at ptd.net <mailto:bookworm at ptd.net> 



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