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I guess this is one thing I am not completely clear on is whether UEB eliminates Braille Computer Code or not.

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Chris and list,

Thanks for speaking up. At least I'm not the only one who isn't in favor of UEB. One thing I particularly find annoying is two-celled signs for computer Braille. I continue to use the old U.S. computer Braille code, one cell per computer symbol. It's my default code for the display that's hooked up to my PC. Having worked both as a programmer and technical writer, I needed to be sure certain characters were lined up precisely, especially when I wrote code that was structured and had five or six routines inside each other. It was much easier for both my sighted colleagues and me to read if each little routine was indented three spaces inside the previous one, and it never would have been as easy to code if I would have had to consider two-celled symbols. So, as usual, the old single-cell-per-symbol computer code is still a winner for me.

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