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 Hello! I agree! Let us form an organization to bring some sense 
and reason to the situation and to go back to Grade II U.S.


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>Chris and list,

>Thanks for speaking up. At least I'm not the only one who isn't 
in favor
>of UEB. One thing I particularly find annoying is two-celled 
signs for
>computer Braille. I continue to use the old U.S. computer Braille 
>one cell per computer symbol. It's my default code for the 
>that's hooked up to my PC. Having worked both as a programmer and
>technical writer, I needed to be sure certain characters were 
lined up
>precisely, especially when I wrote code that was structured and 
had five
>or six routines inside each other. It was much easier for both my
>sighted colleagues and me to read if each little routine was 
>three spaces inside the previous one, and it never would have 
been as
>easy to code if I would have had to consider two-celled symbols. 
So, as
>usual, the old single-cell-per-symbol computer code is still a 
>for me.

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