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Hi All: I agree that contracted Braille is better for many 
reasons. What is the Library of Congress going to do with the 
thousands of books that are printed in Grade 2 Braille? Also, 
does UEB take up mor space and paper? I think it does! Is this 
correct? Please let me know about the Library of Congress and the 
printing issue!

Have a Great day All!


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>Brett and All,

>When BANA first considered the change and all Braille readers 
were debating it in our own way, I was very strongly opposed to 
UEB. I argued then that it would cause much more harm than good. 
Even now I am not excited about the upcoming transition and have 
not followed the trend of switching my Braille display to UEB 
"just for practice". However, whether we like it or not (and I 
don't), the change is inevitable. I have a feeling that knowledge 
of EBAE Grade 2 Braille will still come in handy, as the 
transition to UEB will likely not happen as quickly as BANA would 
like. Even after it goes into implementation in early 2016, 
transcribers will still be changing their software and teachers 
and students alike will still be learning the code. The hardest 
group to win over, in my opinion, will be the individual blind 
people, like Mary and I, who will continue to write Grade 2 as 
our own small act of rebellion. Bottom line: I think BANA has 
overestimated the seamlessness of this transition. M
> y prediction is that they're going to be in for a surprise come 
next January.


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>I couldn't agree more. I also will continue writing in grade 2 
>Also, it is unlikely Braille book publishers will reprint books 
that have already been done in the current Braille code. So, 
children will have to learn both the old and new ways.

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>> Hi all,

>> All the Braille displays I know of, even the old Pac Mate, 
>> support UEB as one of their supported Braille codes.

>> I'm probably in a minority here, although many friends have the 
>> view. I am not in favor of the UEB and I plan to continue 
writing in
>> contracted Braille, and reading it on the displays I use, 
>> I'll have to switch to UEB for new files from Bard or other 

>> Mary
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