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hi There! I don't agree! After all, before there were 
differences! Why not continue them! You may be a
world-type person, but even UEB will not accomplish what you seem 
to favor! Take Mexico; how about Spain; and how about most of 
Asia! All UEB really amounts to is trying to please Canada, the 
English, and a few other countries! Anyway, I have already 
created a company to kick some common sense into a few people who 
do not care about the thousands of books at various institutions 
in the U.S. and the Library of Congress! I was just hoping that 
there would be a few blind people who care enough to do 
something! Oh by the way, UEB will cost more and will eventually 
create a huge expense for all kinds of organizations and the U.S. 
Government! Anyway,
I am proceeding! Stay tuned!


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>I havent seen the presentation yet (been busy with personal 
projects) but i wanted to chime in here. I have used UEB and find 
it to have a learning curve.. I personally prefer grade 2. That 
said, if we were to resist UEB, when other english speaking 
countries have already adopted it, would that not cause more 
divide? Think of it like this. We live in a connected world. Not 
everyone who speaks English uses grade 2, and it seems to me like 
future generations would have to learn grades 1, 2, and UEB. I 
know our displays allow for on the fly translation, but what if 
we wanted to emboss something to send to a friend? I should note 
that i am a globalist , humanist, and progressive. Thoughts?

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>> Hello! I agree! Let us form an organization to bring some sense 
and reason to the situation and to go back to Grade II U.S.

>> Jose

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>>> Chris and list,

>>> Thanks for speaking up. At least I'm not the only one who isn't
>> in favor
>>> of UEB. One thing I particularly find annoying is two-celled
>> signs for
>>> computer Braille. I continue to use the old U.S. computer 
>> code,
>>> one cell per computer symbol. It's my default code for the
>> display
>>> that's hooked up to my PC. Having worked both as a programmer 
>>> technical writer, I needed to be sure certain characters were
>> lined up
>>> precisely, especially when I wrote code that was structured and
>> had five
>>> or six routines inside each other. It was much easier for both 
>>> sighted colleagues and me to read if each little routine was
>> indented
>>> three spaces inside the previous one, and it never would have
>> been as
>>> easy to code if I would have had to consider two-celled symbols.
>> So, as
>>> usual, the old single-cell-per-symbol computer code is still a
>> winner
>>> for me.

>>> Mary
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