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I do not know how he does the tutorials.
You can find the tutorials that are played on main menu, plus 
more on the apple vis web site in the podcasts section.
If you have either an iDevice or mac i think you should use the 
iBlink Radio app.  This is an app that provides blindness 
resources.  To view main menu shows, open the app, go to 
podcasts, and go to the main menu section.  For apple vis, same, 
open the app, go to podcasts, then click  apple vis.
If you have a stream, bookport plus, or any media plyer that 
supports podcasts, go to your podcast manager and search for main 
menu or apple vis.
Thank you,

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Hi David and all,

I'm sending this email to thank Daandd W for all the great

They really help!

How do you do them?

Also, Other than Main Menu, how can I Find them?

Daniel J.  Semro

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