[Mm-friends] Reminder: The Desert Skies show airs this Saturday with a great giveaway - VoiceDream Writer!!!

Stefan Slucki gracedman at bigpond.com
Sat Jan 24 20:39:23 EST 2015

Hello Jeff and list members,
I know this message might sound a bit mean-spirited but ... this list is 
about MainMenu not other ACB shows. I think you are setting a precedent 
here, advertising your show and then sending a tweat-type reminder. 
Personally, I don't want to see this kind of post on this list.
Perhaps others aren't fussed about it but it could lead to all sorts of 
other similar ACB posts, now couldn't it? There is a general ACB 
announcement list isn't there?

I realise the hook for this posting is the give-away of the IOS device but 
that's beside the point in my opinion.

Just my thoughts.

Regards and I hope you have a good program.

Stefan Slucki.
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Subject: [Mm-friends] Reminder: The Desert Skies show airs this Saturday 
with a great giveaway - VoiceDream Writer!!!

Hello Everyone,

This weekend starting at 6:00 PM Eastern time I bring to you the Desert 
Skies show heard on ACB Radio Interactive. We have a lot to get to this week 

·         Lots and lots of your requests and great music.

·         Lots of great technology news sprinkled in throughout the show 
with a special treat for those that participate!

·         Every person that submits a request or comment during the show 
will be submitted into a drawing for a free copy of VoiceDream Writer, the 
newest exciting iOS application from VoiceDream LLC. We will talk a lot 
about this application during the show. This is a value of $10.00. You must 
be "interactive" to win <smile>.

Again, all the fun starts at 6:00 PM Eastern this Saturday and you can join 
us by clicking your way through to:


Ways of contacting me will be given during the airing of the Desert Skies 

See everyone there!

Jeff Bishop


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