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MessageWhere might I find info on this Audio guide? Thank you.


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Well I went ahead and installed the audio  guide  app on my iPod  Touch . The first thing I learned is that the installation states that it will indeed run on an iPod.   (The main menu interview stated that it would only run on the iPad and iPhone.)  The install claims   its only  fully functional on the iPhone but that may be that the iPhone has a vibrator in it and the iPod does not. I guess its possible that some feedback to the user is only accomplished via vibrations but I hope not. 

 I think that if its reasonably  functional on the iPod that this should be more clearly stated in the promotional information. Many users who do not have iPhones might consider picking up an iPod Touch just for this convention.

After installing you learn that the actual name of the app is LowViz Guide. Open it and of course the first thing you want to do is see a list of what   destinations and resources    are  available. I think that this process is a little counter intuitive but you need to just click on search. Then skip over the edit box and click on "all points of interest"

 Frank  Cuta 

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