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Hi everyone.

So there’s a little confusion going on. Smile. Well, I can’t speak for Jenine, but we have had so much information coming in and have been scheduling interviews and talking about a lot. Main Menu will be airing at its usual time tomorrow evening at 9PM Eastern. Although our CSUN coverage did not discuss the Kindle Fire tablets, it was a Main Menu listener who contacted us via Twitter to ask if we would please cover these affordable tablets. In the process, we learned that Amazon has recently updated their accessibility software.

And with that, I leave you to hear all about it in this weeks’ show. Enjoy!

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> Also, the Amazon Fire Tablets were not covered in beast week's C-SUN coverage. So, I am confused.
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> > Jenine,
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> > In part of your message you said:
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> > Now join us tonight to learn more.
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> > Today is Thursday. Are you sure this is the right time to send a Main 
> > Menu alert?
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> > Mary
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