[Mm-friends] On another topic, Any thoughts about this week's show?

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Sun Apr 24 21:37:09 CEST 2016

Agreed. I’ve really been enjoying the Main Menu shows and look forward to all the terrific tech to come.
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First, a huge and sincere thank-you to Main Menu and its staff and hard-working interviewers/demonstrators for doing such an awesome job in bringing us the latest information about all of the products we need and care so much about.

Truly impressive and top-notch work.


Loved the interview with Larry; I am really curious how the APH, NFB, and Perkins readers will differ in their feature sets.  Talk about a reader smack-down.  And of course, we the consumers will be the beneficiaries of the competition.

Certainly fascinating times.


Keep up the great work.


Don Barrett




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Ok folks, we see opinions and experiences are split on the Fire tablets. 


Who has thoughts on this week’s show topics? We covered a lot with Larry Skutchan. 


Then we heard about the two products from Envision America. Dare I mention our device showdown? 


In the next weeks, and really up through convention, we’ve got some incredible shows, already recorded and interviews being scheduled. Thanks to some f you for your great contributions as well. I personally like a show with as many voices as possible. 


So let’s hear some of them? 


Jenine Stanley from the Cloud! 

jeninems at icloud.com 




Jenine Stanley Dragon Walker 

Dragonwalker64 at gmail.com 


And Finally…


Jenine Stanley TWC

jeninems at twc.com Jenine Stanley 

Jeninems at icloud.com-- 


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