[Mm-friends] Did you catch all that 4-1-1?

Lynnette Tatum techlynne46 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 24 11:18:29 CEST 2016

Mr. Charlson's presentation was technically terrific!  thanks so much for 
providing it.
Lynnette, who is sitting in front of a lovely fan as the temps soar into the 
90's here in NYC.


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Hey Main Menu Friends, Yes! I’m back, writing your favorite teasers and 
poking you all about Friday’s show! Aren’t you lucky?

So, now that we know who owns the tech in the Charlson home, and that Derek 
and Jessica are flat out amazing people, what did you all think of the show?

You won’t believe what we’ve got coming up for you either in the coming 
weeks. The Dog Days of summer are upon us but we’re not just resting in the 
shade by the pool…mostly because I don’t think any of us on your intrepid 
Main Menu Team have pools, but I digress.

It’s already been a hot summer for technology and we’re here to fan the 
flames, not complain about the temperatures.

Jenine and Main Menu Team!

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