[Mm-friends] A couple questions for our fans

Ejaz Shah eashah67 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 20:52:43 EDT 2016

I have more or less stopped listening to Main Menu because I feel that 
it has become too much Apple centric. I am sorry if list members do not 
like this. I know that I'm in a very small minority of blind individuals 
who are not in the Apple universe.

On 3/23/2016 3:25 AM, Jenine Stanley via Mm-friends wrote:
> Hi Main Menu fans,
> I have a couple questions for you as I prepare more segments. When using the iPhone or other speech synthesized voices, do you prefer to hear just the voice or the voice with me, or someone else, repeating the command or text afterward?
> Do you have a preference for speech speed? I know this depends on your level of comfort with speech and other factors. I tend to listen at a slower rate than I did back in the day so I can catch everything.
> Are there iOS apps or features you’d like to hear about?
> After all, if you don’t let us know what you *want* to hear, you get to listen to what we *want* to talk about.
> 😀
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