[Mm-friends] What would you like to hear about on Main Menu

Frances Vitulla francesv at samobile.net
Wed Mar 23 09:24:56 EDT 2016

Yes i would like to hear more about n v d a.  I also would like to hear 
about the new note taker called the braille note touch.   I got an 
email that it was day viewing at sea sun.  I really really really want 
to hear all about it  please?  Thankyou in advance.   I just know 
you'll honor my request.   I'm so excited.   fran
Original message:
> I want to thank those of you who are brave enough to say publicly that 
> you 1. no longer listen and 2. don’t have the latest tech or don’t care 
> about Apple products.

> That’s important for us to know about. that said, what would you like 
> us to cover? We have some up coming coolness for you regarding products 
> to help with mobility, bar code reading and more. I’m sure Jeff Bishop 
> will have a lot of interviews from CSun as well that should be really 
> interesting.

> If though there is something you want to hear about in the Windows 
> world, please let us know and we will try hard to find the right people 
> to cover it.

> Is anyone interested in hearing more about using the free screen reader NVDA?

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