[Mm-friends] What can we show you about the Seeing AI app?

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This is a great app! Perhaps one of the best apps for the blind that I have ever seen. It would be nice if a list of the podcast that have dealt with this app could be published in this list. I am only awared of the podcast made by Jonathan Mosen, the blind side. Are there any other podcasts?



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Thanks for asking the question about Seeing AI.  One thing that puzzles me is the menu system.  When you swipe up to get to the selection that you'd like, if you pause, the app automattically goes to that selection. For example, if I stopped at short text, and pasued, it will go to that channel. Yet, I really wanted to swipe until Product. I'm using a IPhone SE to access the app. Any suggestions?


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Thanks in advance. 
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I have nothing really that I want to learn about this seeing a i app but I would like to learn more about Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players in terms of their assessability what all can the voice guide screen reader do

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While I have no comments on the seinie app, one thing I would like to hear about is linux.  What distros are people using and are they accessibile to install and the like.  Maybe something on orca and how to using.  Just my thoughts any how.






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Hi Main Menu audience,  


Now that the Seeing AI app has been out for a while, and there have been lots of podcasts demonstrating the various functions, we’d like to know what’s left to learn about how to most effectively use it. 


What would you like to know about how to use this app? Is there anything that really hasn’t been demonstrated or explained that could help or encourage you to use the app? 


Feel free to answer here or to our primary email, mainmenu at acbradio.org <mailto:mainmenu at acbradio.org> . 


What other new tech would you like us to demonstrate or find out about? 


Thanks for your input. You make this show what it is.


I have nothing really that I want to about seeing a guy but I would like to know more about Samsung TVs and Samsung Blu-ray players accessibility   <https://mandrillapp.com/track/open.php?u=30489975&id=5e8ce9631da74bf388e183d7446959a3> 



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