[Mm-friends] The Windows Open Again for Your Office

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Also, if you have the opportunity, PLEASE ask Microsoft to disable the lock screen feature in Windows 10. Every half hour, the screen activates, stopping my Braille display from working. This becomes a problem when I am in church with my choir, because I am required to enter in my password at JAWS'S prompting - and it is obviously not kosher for this to happen during Midnight, Easter Vigil, or any other Mass celebration. Thank you.


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If you have the opportunity, please tell Microsoft to fix the serious accessibility issues that the Office 365 Outlook 2016 calendar presents, which makes it unusuable with Jaws.




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Hello Main Menu listeners!


During the next two weeks on Main Menu we bring you lots of updates from Microsoft Corporation. We bring together a panel of 9 technology experts to talk all things Windows 10 and Office 365.


In the first week, we will focus on the newly announced Windows Creators update coming out later this year. Microsoft has been very busy on lots of accessibility updates for this release, including:

· The Narrator launch hotkey is changing;

· Braille support in Narrator;

· Fully accessible installation experience from bootable media; and

· Web browsing and scan mode hotkey improvements, including heading and form fields.


There will also be some exciting updates on Xbox consoles and controllers.


Jason and Jeff bring the panel together, along with Joe Steinkamp, known from the Blind Bargains Podcast. Joe brings a vast knowledge of Microsoft products on the desktop and in the living room. He brings to you some interesting insights on our discussion as we talk to a wonder panel of Microsoft engineers and experts. Here are the people you will hear from on this week’s show from Microsoft:

· Megan Lawrence - Megan works on the Microsoft Corporate Accessibility team, and she guides our discussion with all of our guests from Microsoft.

· Kelly Ford - Kelly works on the Windows team, and he brought two engineers with him to talk to you all about changes coming in the Creators update.

· Larry Weiss - Larry will bring very exciting updates about the new braille support coming in Windows 10.

· Brett Humphrey - Brett talks to us about a lot of the Narrator features generally, and we even dive deep when it comes to Office 365 in the show next week.


During the second part of this extensive overview of updates from Microsoft we will focus on Office 365 and bring in even more experts:

· Malavika Rewari - Malavika joins us and talks to us all about the changes we have seen in Office 365 over the past 6 months.

· Ailsa Leen - This is probably one of the most exciting announcements during this two-part series. Ailsa works on the OneNote team. Ailsa talks to us about what OneNote is, who it is intended for and most importantly, the fantastic accessibility support that has been built into the Mac, Windows and iOS versions that are now shipping. Finally we have an accessible and cross-platform note taking application! Thank you Ailsa and your team!


Megan comes back at the end of our two-part series to give us more updates and some exciting announcements about feedback opportunities coming to our community. You will not want to miss this!


On behalf of the Main Menu team, we sincerely thank Microsoft for the extensive interview they provided us. As all of you will see, they have been busy and they are truly here to not only empower us but to delight us as it relates to accessibility!


We will have more to tell you in the coming months about Microsoft and how you can provide feedback to them directly.


We will use any remaining time in the show to bring you some interesting tidbits, so watch out for those.


Join us on Main Menu Friday at 9 p.m. Eastern on ACB Radio Mainstream. The show repeats every 4 hours for the next 24 hours after airing. You can also subscribe to us via your favorite podcast app. Just look for Main Menu. Follow us on Twitter at @MainMenu. You can also listen to the show by phone, (605) 475-8130. 


Thanks for your continual support and for listening.






Jason Castonguay <jcast77 at gmail.com <mailto:jcast77 at gmail.com> >


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