[Mm-friends] Roku Player from Spectrum: Our Experience

Kathy Blackburn kblackbn at mysero.net
Sun Jun 11 07:03:39 EDT 2017

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Kathy Blackburn
mm-friends at acbradio.org
Roku Player with Spectrum: Our experience
On June 8, 2017. two Spectrum tech came to show us a talking Roku 
player. This is being offered  instead of what we really want, a 
talking set top box. The techs brought six pages of Braille  
documentation that explains the remote control and describes how to 
turn the talking guide on and  how to access the SAP channel. Time 
might have been saved if we had been told ahead of time that we  would 
need to set up a Roku account through a website. My husband had to have 
some help navigating  the Roku website, as parts of it seemed to 
require use of the computer mouse. I did not try it  myself, so I don't 
know whether it would have worked better with a different screen 
reader. There  was a captcha, but it did have an audio alternative. 
Once the account was created, the techs connected the Roku. We then had 
to locate the Spectrum app  and sign in. The onscreen keyboard is not a 
qwerty layout. Once I had finally signed in, the  onscreen guide came 
up. For some reason, the system placed us in the channel numbers in the 
1,000's. The techs had no idea of a shortcut to get to the top of the 
list. They were unfamiliar  with the term "audio description", and had 
no idea why a blind person might want it. We were unable  to find a 
program with audio description or Spanish on the SAP channel to confirm 
that the Roku  could access the descriptive track, though I have heard 
from others that this is supposed to be  possible. In trying to 
navigate through the screens, I locked the system up and lost speech. 
So, we let the techs take the Roku back.
Kathy Blackburn
kblackbn at mysero.net
Friday, June 9 at 9:02 AM
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