[Mm-friends] This week we go Big on Main Menu!

Kathy Blackburn kblackbn at mysero.net
Sun Jun 18 10:50:31 EDT 2017

We just got one of the Samsung TV's with talking menus.  When watching 
via the antenna rather than the cable box, we get our local channels, 
along with sub-channels we were previously unaware of.  These channels 
run old television series, movies, game shows, etc. We can access audio 
description on programs that have it.
When watching via the cable box, the television's menus do not speak, 
at least not here, because Spectrum does not have an accessible box.  
The Roku player they offered us did not show itself to be a solution. 
It locked up on me twice and lost speech.  The techs who came to 
install it had not been trained in its use at all and knew nothing 
about audio description.

Kathy Blackburn
kblackbn at mysero.net

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