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Hi! Welcome and we all wish you the very best!  

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>Hey Everyone,

>I began listening to Main Menu when it first 
came out in 2000. That
>was my main technology show and BlindCoolTech 
was my second. Oh, my
>name is Danielle in case you missed it and I 
hail from LA. I also have
>been known to go by Danie, thats with an I e 
not y, and back then I
>worked a yellow Lab boy from the flagship 
school. I have also had a
>Golden Princess from 2007 to 2014 when she 
took the way of the rainbow
>Bridge. I need a dog fix. Since that time I am 
divorced and solo
>single! For people who know me ofline, I am 
known to answer to
>Michelle, Denise, Nadine, T, and Dee. I know I 
probly know many of you
>from ACB and NFB. I used to love delving into 
new tech and learning it
>and even teaching it to my friends that is, 
until apple burst on the
>scene and complicated it all and outpriced me. 
Anyway, I used to clean
>my house to Main Menu. A question: I read on 
the site that the
>archives only go back to 2008. Why aren't the 
starting shows archived
>up to that time?

>I haven't been up there in a while and joined 
this list to get
>acclimated with the show again. I must say I 
am happy to see it is not
>a high traffic list! I have tons of email 
already. Happy sunday

>How far you go in life depends on your being 
tender with the young,
>compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with 
the striving and
>tolerant of the weak and strong. Because 
someday in your life you will
>have been all of these.
>George Washington Carver
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