[Mm-friends] This week we go Big on Main Menu!

John Gassman johngassman at roadrunner.com
Mon May 29 06:44:51 EDT 2017

For those window eyes users, there is an 
excellent podcast Jonathan Mosen has done with 
Eric Damery and Raul Gallegos among others discussing the transission.
Also there are eight short podcasts highlighting 
various subjects for the transission.
They are listed as mp3 files and also as word documents.
Visit http://www.gwmicro.com/window-eyes/migrate/

All tutorials and podcasts are on that page.
As A JAWS priate beta tester and user for twenty 
years, I can tell you that VFO has really made it 
easy to learn and to transission from Window Eyes 
to JAWS if that's what you want to do.


At 03:51 PM 5/25/2017, you wrote:
>Big news and big app smackdowns! That’s this 
>week’s Main Menu. We bring you another 
>perspective on the biggest news in assistive 
>technology this year, the sunsetting of 
>Window-Eyes and how to move to JAWS with the 
>consummate expert  and good friend of Main Menu, 
>Jonathan Mosen from Freedom Scientific VFO. 
>Jenine brings us another Big App Smackdown as 
>she pits KNFB Reader against the newcomer, 
>Prismo Go and its cloud-based OCR! We manage to 
>cram an app review in there too for Prismo Go, 
>plus a handy JAWS tip. So, don’t be afraid of 
>the future! Embrace it with Main Menu!
>Join us for Main Menu Friday at 9:00pm Eastern 
>time, repeated every 4 hours for the next 24 
>hours on ACB Radio’s Mainstream channel. 
>Search for Main Menu in your favorite podcasting 
>app and receive each show right on your device of choice.
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