[Mm-friends] Cordless Phones with Talking Caller ID?

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> I have a panasonic at my office with two handsets and both speak caller iID although the speech is pretty bad. 
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> Hi all, anyone have a two hand set cordless telephone system that both handsets will speak caller ID notices?
> If so what brand and model?  What features do you like about the unit and which ones do you wish it had?
> If there is no name associated with the incoming caller’s number can you independently add a name to be associated with that number?  If you have to go into an address book to add the name do the menus talk?  Thanks.
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> his, 

My father had a set, I believe it was also Panisonic, with 4 phones but the caller ID came from the base unit and the speech was practically intelligible, but somehow he understood it. 

This sounds like a good review category for one of our everyday tech shows.

Thanks for the idea. 
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