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John Gassman johngassman at roadrunner.com
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And maybe most important of all, windows 10 and 
the Microsoft office subscription is where all 
the latest updates will come from for Microsoft 
and your screen reader in my case JAWS.
With all the accessibility Microsoft Google and 
Amazon to name a few have built in to products, 
you really should move to windows 10.
Updates come at least monthly if not sooner.
I loved windows 7 and yet I felt no hessitantcy 
about upgrading to windows 10 and I like windows 10 better than 7.
At 05:33 AM 10/15/2017, you wrote:
>Hi, Kathy.
>Someone feel free to add to or correct what I am 
>about to say. I believe the term “creators“ 
>refers to the last couple of updates for windows 
>10 and is about the ease of access in creating 
>all sorts of content (writers, graphic artists, 
>programming, etc.). It is my opinion that any 
>hesitation those users using Windows 7 have in 
>upgrading to Windows 10 is unwarranted. Windows 
>10 is stable and feels like a better version of Windows 7, to me.
>-Jason castonguay
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> > On Oct 14, 2017, at 23:10, Kathy Blackburn 
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> > I listened to the latest Main Menu earlier 
> today. I'm still a Windows 7 user.  The 
> nomenclature of the Windows 10 releases puzzles 
> me.  What is the marketing strategy behind 
> calling them Creators' edition?  I'm not making 
> films, writing books, or designing 
> fashions.  Hearing the name "Creators'" 
> whatever does not indicate to me that I should 
> have any interest in this product. Thanks to 
> Joe Steinkamp, Jeff Bishop,   and the other 
> presenters for spotlighting features despite 
> the operating system's off-putting name.
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