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One of the good parts about the tedium you quite rightfully describe as updating to Windows 10, been there done that in other words, is that updating drivers is fairly easy, unless the driver is hard to find. 

> On Oct 15, 2017, at 9:51 AM, Mary Emerson via Mm-friends <mm-friends at acbradio.org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I haven't heard the latest Main Menu yet, since I listen via podcast;
> but I'm another Windows  7 user. This PC is almost 7 years old, and as
> someone over age 65, retired, on a fixed income, I can't afford a new PC
> until I get a tax refund next year. I've never bothered with Word or any
> of the other office products, so that doesn't entice me; and Jaws is my
> preferred screen reader; their Braille support is excellent. So, nothing
> has enticed me to move to Windows 10. I've got some of the Windows 10
> books from BookShare, so I know a lot about the techie stuff. The thing
> I hate about moving to it is that I've got to install all the software I
> rely on, and all the system settings are different; there's no Easy
> Transfer program as there was with older versions of Windows. I can do
> it, but it's more of a chore every time I get a new PC. Plus, I have to
> get the newer drivers for the printer, scanner, and external sound card.
> And on it goes. I get tired just thinking of it.
> Mary
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