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Hello friends, I know I haven’t posted much on this list serve. However I have an urgent need and I hope you all can help. I wanted to write and start a new thread it’s about online conferencing. I’m involved with an organization that depends heavily heavily on Adobe connect. I know one of my friends uses or should I say colleagues uses Adobe connect on her iPhone successfully. Unfortunately with changes in software in developments I have not found this to work. I have never been able to get Adobe connect to work for my iPhone. And I used to be able to get Adobe connect to work for my Windows 7 PC. I will tell you a little bit about what I’m using. Currently I’m using an iPhone 7 Plus with the latest version of iOS or iOS. Secondly my Windows machine uses Windows 7 I have not made the jump yet. Don’t have the resources in my community or the supports to be able to do so yet. But anyway the last few times I’ve tried to do it using Adobe connect I either could not hear the them, they could not hear me, or the sound just kept coming in and out. Or I could and check into meetings. I know that there are other option I know there are other options. But unfortunately this organization is resistant to change. Either because of cost, or they say that the numbers of people they need to attend is limited by some of the other that meeting or web meeting or web conferencing apps out there. I know that being mean you did a full show on one of them resume I believe it is and I found zoom to be pretty accommodating. But my organization does not want to use it because of you there it’s cost or limitations for numbers. I would appreciate any suggestions or assistance anyone can offer. I’m involved with a large multinational nonprofit i’ll just become a totally candid, it is a church with locations in over 200 countries and over 250 churches. I also believe it or not and the disability access and inclusion officer for the organization that’s UFMCC. So anyway yeah I would appreciate it if people would understand that this is not meant to be a political discussion or a religious discussion. I’m not proselytizing or political wising this just would like some guidance as a blind eye as a person who is blind, who is using adaptive technology with limited resources. Thank you I dictated this with my iPhone and I have the flu. Please excuse any errors and if their comical, laugh with me OK? I have also reached out to Adobe and was told last year during ECB conference time that they knew that there was a problem. With accessibility. I also attempted to reach out to the technology part of the ECB my free up there is it is it bites I think I’m not sure anyway and I ask and left messages and emails after their seminars. So any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Respectfully, in peace and joy
Jim East

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> On Apr 13, 2018, at 12:50 PM, Kelsey Nicolay via Mm-friends <mm-friends at acbradio.org> wrote:
> Hi Stefan,
> I tried it a few minutes ago and after a few attempts, I finally
> managed to get it. It feels like I am drawing more of a circle than a
> z. Is that how it is supposed to feel or am I doing something wrong?
>> On 4/13/18, Stefan Slucki via Mm-friends <mm-friends at acbradio.org> wrote:
>> Well Kelsey, if it's a print z they want,
>> Then a short straight line from left to right;
>> Then a diagonal down from the right-most point of that line you just drew to
>> the left;
>> Without lifting your finger then just go right again.
>> So left to right;
>> Down to the left from that point at a diagonal angle and then across to the
>> right --that's a print capital z.
>> HTH Stefan Slucki.
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